Reminder: Please DO NOT repost ads you already posted, use EXPOSE Please DO NOT respost the same ads with different title. There is a feature called "EXPOSE TO FRONTPAGE" to prevent users from posting... Blog admin   Mar 17, 2017  
Realtors, please pin your property listing location on the map to aid OFWs and foreign buyers Hello Realtors, I've noticed some real estate listings are not properly pin on the map. Some of these listings are showing on the wrong... Blog admin   Mar 16, 2017  
#NOTICE: Please stop posting duplicate ads, use EXPOSE to expose your old ads to the frontpage If you want your ad to go to the frontpage, please do not post the same ads. Just expose your old ad. The reason why the "expose"... Blog #NOTICE admin   Jun 23, 2016  
Why the website was offline yesterday? Due to the increase in traffic to, our server overloaded and we had to do an emergency maintenance yesterday. Unfortunately,... Blog admin   May 30, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: To all Real Estate professionals, you can now enable your own Real Estate map on your profile page! wants to help all Fipino professionals succeed in their businesses. We are excited to announce that all members can now... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   May 22, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: Please do not forget to pin exact location of your properties for the 'New Real Estate Map' The new Philippines Real Estate Map is now ready for business! If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to reply on this blog. And... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   May 17, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: Real Estate Property Map Browser Beta Released Today! is aiming to be the premiere Real Estate website for the Philippine market. With the increasing number of members and... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   May 13, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: New exciting feature will be released this week for Real Estate section! I know it's been a couple of months since I mentioned about the Real Estate map browser. I've just been busy with other commitments. But ... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   May 13, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: You can now link Youtube or Vimeo videos to your ad posts Jsut a quick update to all members, specially to real estate agents, you can now link Youtube or Vimeo video to your ad posts. For now, this is... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   Mar 20, 2014  
#WebsiteUpdate: You can now post from one link Post submission is now a lot easier. We realized that the initial submission flow is a bit of time consuming when you only want to... Blog #WebsiteUpdate admin   Mar 16, 2014