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Posted by admin / Dec 30, 2005
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YEHEY! is a premiere search engine and portal in the Philippines.

Yehey! News is an informative, always up-to-date, and never content-thin medium for delivering the most relevant news and views. It is the gateway to News that matters right now for Filipinos not just at home but all around the globe. www.yehey.com/news

YEHEY!Tabloids is the on-line solution to alternative Pinoy news, with local tabloid flavor! Highly popular because of its accessibility and its reliability, but most importantly, because of its likeness to local tabloids propagating around Metro Manila! Where else can you access tabloids in the comfort of your own office or home, and just a mouse-click away? www.yehey.com/tabloids

YEHEY!Lifestyle is the online magazine, or e-zine if you will, catering specifically to the tastes and trends of today's Pinoy! It's all about living - news and features on the latest day-to-day events, food and gimmicks and parenthood and advice and guidelines to living a healthy, active and enjoyable YEHEY!Lifestyle! www.yehey.com/lifestyle

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