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Summer term is about to begin a 25 hour program from April 30 until June 30 2018. Limited slots only. Reserve now! You may call text email.
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Plumfield Reading Intervention and Tutorial Services (PRInTS) is a proven provider of effective after-school services for reading intervention and enrichment, as well as mathematics and academic tutoring.  The name “Plumfield” and the ideals of PRInTS were inspired by the Plumfield school of Josephine March and Friedrich Bhaer in the novels Little Women and Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott.  With the noble goal of giving education to whoever is willing and needing to learn, the fictional couple transformed their own home into a unique child-centered school that touched and improved the lives of their students.  In a similar manner, PRInTS aims to reach out to learners in need of assistance in various learning areas, and who are willing to acquire knowledge beyond the confines of their classrooms.  With utmost care and concern for its students, PRInTS offers individualized and success-oriented programs tailor-made for the diverse profiles and goals of its students.