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Honda Civic SiR2000

Beginning in 1997 Honda produced the first iteration of Civic to receive the "Type R" appellation (applied first to the Integra Type R) with the EK9 chassis Civic Type R. The EK9 generation Civic
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Mazda 3 2005

The Mazda 3 is produced since 2003. It is available as a hatchback or sedan and is also sold in some countries as the Mazda Axela. The Mazda 3 is powered by three petrol engines and one turbodiesel.
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Toyota Corolla XE 1997

The Toyota Corolla is a subcompact compact car produced by Toyota of Japan known worldwide for its reliability conventional engineering and low fuel consumption. In 1997 the Corolla became the best
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Porsche 924 Sebring 1979 Model

The Porsche 924 is a two door 2 2 seat sports car coupe the 924 replaced the 914 as the company's entry level model and was the model that finally retired the 912. It was the first Porsche model
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