Ma. Victoria S. Ragudo

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
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Mobile: 09399278356
Office: 09664691857

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Thinking of buying in the Philippines?

You have an idea of a dwelling place you want to buy whether to live or to invest in. But there are things to consider – where, what kind (condo or a 3 storey townhouse perhaps), how much and so much more. Maybe you are even having a hard time just deciding alone on whom to turn to in helping you out when you decide in buying not just simply that home of your dreams or that smartest investment that you ever made. I know that there are just too many choices to choose from, which is so overwhelming. Or maybe you think that you have not seen enough.

I have been with clients who went through experiencing these very same situations before and hopefully I can help you out with your case. I can walk you through this whole process so you will feel that you are making the right choice every step of the way. For starters, how about looking at some of the real estate inventory that is available on this website. If you still need to look for more, just ask and I will try to get more for you to look on. Once you have made the choice, do not worry about anything.

I will be looking forward to talking to you or better still, to seeing you about that possible purchase.

Are you thinking about selling?

I can help you find answers to your questions when you have considered that option “What if I sell?” You will need all the information your hands can grab on to - market conditions, prices, valuations, legal requirements, and all related matters so you can proceed with your undertaking. Hopefully, as with those clients that I have assisted before, I will be able to present you with the best purchase offer that you will surely be pleased with.