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#TIPS: Engage OFW Buyers, Add Detail Information and More Photos to Your Listings

A lot of your potential buyers are OFW&apos s. So be sure that your listings have complete detail information and more photos. Also do not forget to put the exact location of your property on the.
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Website's Minor Redesign

This past 2 weeks we've been working on improving UI design. So you've probably noticed that the site look and feel has changed quite a little bit. Let us know in the comment
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#Announcement: The Heart Button is Back

If you noticed today we brought back the heart button. If you like a post just click the heart button. The list of posts you like can be accessed from your profile page under the 'Likes' tab. We are
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#Announcement: Users Posting Duplicates Using Multiple Accounts

We noticed duplicate listings appears on the frontpage posted by the same user using multiple accounts. We are trying to prevent users from posting duplicate listings to make it easier for visitors
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Secure HTTPS Migration and Facebook Share Count

A few days ago we migrated to secure HTTPS. So if you go to your browser you will notice that there is a padlock icon indicating this website is now secure. Since the url
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2,295 views 6 years ago Redesign

Just an FYI to all members. As you might have noticed I rolled out a major website redesign today. What's New Grid listing layout. Menu slider. Cleaner Real Estate location map browser. We're still
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Realtors, Please Pin Your Property Listing Location on the Map to Aid OFWs and Foreign Buyers

Hello Realtors I've noticed some real estate listings are not properly pin on the map. Some of these listings are showing on the wrong location on the map. Some of them are ending up on Philippine
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Reminder: Please DO NOT Repost Ads You Already Posted, Use EXPOSE

Please DO NOT respost the same ads with different title. There is a feature called "EXPOSE TO FRONTPAGE" to prevent users from posting duplicate ads. Some users are still not following this one.
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Keanu Reeves Visits Pacman...

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#NOTICE: Please Stop Posting Duplicate Ads, Use EXPOSE to Expose Your Old Ads to the Frontpage

If you want your ad to go to the frontpage please do not post the same ads. Just expose your old ad. The reason why the "expose" feature exists is to prevent users from posting duplicate ads. To
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Why the Website Was Offline Yesterday?

Due to the increase in traffic to our server overloaded and we had to do an emergency maintenance yesterday. Unfortunately we encountered some hardware issues while working on
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#WebsiteUpdate: To All Real Estate Professionals, You Can Now Enable Your Own Real Estate Map on Your Profile Page! wants to help all Fipino professionals succeed in their businesses. We are excited to announce that all members can now display their own map in their profile page. This will
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#WebsiteUpdate: Please Do Not Forget to Pin Exact Location of Your Properties for the 'New Real Estate Map'

The new Philippines Real Estate Map is now ready for business! If you encounter any issues please do not hesitate to reply on this blog. And to all Real Estate Agents we highly recommend that you
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#WebsiteUpdate: Real Estate Property Map Browser Beta Released Today! is aiming to be the premiere Real Estate website for the Philippine market. With the increasing number of members and posted real estate properties we are striving hard to
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#WebsiteUpdate: New Exciting Feature Will Be Released This Week for Real Estate Section!

I know it's been a couple of months since I mentioned about the Real Estate map browser. I've just been busy with other commitments. But this week I promise that a Real Estate map browser will be
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#WebsiteUpdate: You Can Now Link Youtube or Vimeo Videos to Your Ad Posts

Jsut a quick update to all members specially to real estate agents you can now link Youtube or Vimeo video to your ad posts. For now this is only enabled in Real Estate section. All you have to do
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Filipino Restaurants In Texas

If you've never been to Texas you might be thinking how filipinos in Texas survive. Or maybe not but from my personal experience I thought Texas is not exciting. And I think this is mostly true for
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#WebsiteUpdate: You Can Now Post from One Link

Post submission is now a lot easier. We realized that the initial submission flow is a bit of time consuming when you only want to post. Instead of navigating through categories you can just go to
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Filipino Shops In Japan

Here are the list of filipino stores in Japan. You can make orders via telephone and they'll have your items delivered to your doorsteps. Kaluguran Osaka City Kita ku Togano Machi 3 5 Shintou Omi
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#WebsiteUpdate: We've Been Busy Working on Enhancements, Your Own Real Estate Listings Map is Coming Soon.

You might have noticed there is some minor change on the look on the frontpage and member profile page. We are constantly making enhancements to to improve the user.
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Filipino Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World

Ann Makosinski who is half Filipino was just another teenager with another science project when she joined her local science fair in Victoria Canada last year. Her invention a flashlight that is
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#WebsiteUpdate: Posts Now Have Maps! Update Your Posts and Verify the Address So It Displays a Map

We are going to roll out a map browser as promised. The update will happen in 2 rollouts. The first update was just released today to enable a map on post page. The second part is the frontpage map
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#WebsiteUpdate: I'm Excited to Announce That a New Real Estate Map is on the Way!

With the tremendous increase in traffic I've seen in Real Estate section I've been working hard to improve the site user experience. In the coming days I will be rolling out an exciting new feature
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What is the #MostPopularPost Here at

The new has been redesigned with great features! At the right side of your post registered visitors can "like" your post. It basically works as a recommendation to other
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